26 Dec 2013

Choosing a Holiday Accommodation

Holidays are that part of the year which helps disconnect from the worries and rejuvenate with the self; a perfect getaway is considered to be the best treatment of stress. Choosing a holiday destination can be of your choice, but, picking up an accommodation out there is something that needs to be done very carefully, as if a wrong one is picked up, it can spoil the fun of your vacation. Here are few tips that can help you choose a Holiday Accommodation wisely:

No matter what is your destination, make sure that you stay at a Central location so that it can be easier for you to move around and enjoy the sites. Being too far from the main attractions will make you travel more inside the city which will be of no fun to certain people, hence the best thing you can do is, to book a hotel at a point wherein you become far from the exciting part of the city.

This of course is a vital point before you book an accommodation, you have to be very choose beforehand about the budget, no doubt that there are luxury hotels or accommodations wherever you go, but the question is, do they fit in your budget? There is no point spoiling the fun of your trip if you accommodate yourself at a place that will exceed your budget. Choosing a low priced hotel does not mean that you will get a no comfort zone or an uncomfortable place, there are many hotels that offer you a nice and peaceful stay that too in low budget, so opt for that.

Ambiance and Safety:
After the budget and location, the next thing you should look up in a perfect accommodation is, safety which somewhere is associated with the location as well as the ambiance and environment of the hotel. You need to be really aware of the place where you are going to stay and have to be really sure that the area around is safe for you and your family. 

Facilities and Services:
When you are out for a holiday, then obviously you wish to cut off from your daily routine and hence look for services that are really pampering. However, not everywhere you can expect your kind of care to be available, hence it’s a really good idea to look for places who encompass proficient and a friendly staff who is always available to help you, and make you feel at home. 

4 Dec 2013

Don’t Delay your Trip even if the Flight is Cancelled.

There are number of times when you get to know that the flight you are supposed to board on is cancelled , sometimes the reason is genuine however, there are a lot of times when the cancellation occurs due to the fault of the airlines itself. One of the major faults which can hamper the timings of the flight is, equipment malfunctioning and that is completely the fault of an airline.

Other than that, weather is also a very common factor which can cause a cancellation of any particular flight. No matter what the reason is, the question arises is there a chance of the replacement of a flight, or to fix you up in any other flight which can help you reach your destination in an appropriate manner? Yes, you sure can do that, here are few easy tips which can help you change your flight if an existing one gets cancelled.

The first thing you must do when you hear that your flight has been cancelled, is, reach up to the desk of your particular airline and from there dial the direct number of customer service, this is the primary step which must be taken in case of any cancellation. Once you get to a representative over the phone, immediately ask about the reason of cancellation, and place a request to place you in the next possible flight. Once you will give your request, you will be definitely accommodated in the next operating flight. In case this does not happen, you can follow any of the below mentioned steps.

Another thing which you can certainly try to do in such a situation is, to rebook your ticket again by using Wi-Fi available at the airport. Once it is done successfully you will be issued with your new boarding passes at the desk of your desired airlines, which can help you get on another flight safely.

Social networking sites are also an essential tool to let your people know about the status of your flight. You can log on to twitter, or face book and update the status of your account by letting your loved ones know what exactly is happening at your end. There are many airlines such as Delta, Jet Blue, Southwest, which continuously monitor Twitter for the updates, sop once your message will flash on there, you never know that they might get in touch with you and get you shift in any other flight. 
Once your flight gets cancelled, you must ensure that all your bags are with you within 24 hours of the cancellation as each airline has this particular policy, and they need to follow it stringently. 

You need to be very much aware about your rights even before you leave for your trip. In a situation like this, your awareness definitely counts. You must be aware of the fact, that for domestic flights, airlines that are based in US, are not supposed to return the fare or compensate you for anything, congruently there are many of such policies which you must go through while booking a flight.

1 Nov 2013

An Audacious Road trip from Kashmir to Kanyakumari

Phew…!! This is one trip which you can die for, daring, adventurous, bold, are the words that come up in mind when this trip is ruminated about. Not many people have ever given it a shot, but that does not mean that there was nobody to dared to accomplish it. Yes, there have been people who have been on this fantastic trip and call their experience absolutely unforgettable. Do you want to try it out? Wondering about the directions, don’t worry, here are the details which might help you cover your distance between Kashmir and Kanyakumari.
Duration: You will need to be up and running for 5604 Km, of course you can rest in between, but this is the distance that is desired to be covered.

Your Companions: Well, that is up to you, you can choose to travel with your friends, work colleagues, or even your family, whoever suits you. But, ensure that there is someone with you because this is really a long trip and you never know where a helping hand will be required.
States to be Covered: Any exploratory person would go “ Yoo hoo”, as you will get an opportunity to explore near about or say approximately 11 states on this trip, isn’t that interesting??

This is the commencing state for your trip, so you will be lucky enough for beginning by looking at the most enchanting beauty of this gorgeous place. Houseboats, Mughal and Tulip Garden, Trekking and a lot more is available for you in case you would like to explore it. And yes, do not miss to try out the famous cuisine out here, especially the “kheer and kabaab”.

This will be the most thrilling trip of your life, as you will make your way to Leh from Srinagar via Kargil. This place is close by LOC, hence you will be able to get a feel of army on the entire trip. Do not forget to take the pictures of gorgeous landscapes and other scenic views. You will also get to experience the zero gravity at numerous magnetic hills.

From Leh, you will be required to steer towards Manali, by covering the staggering city Spiti. You can take up an overnight stay here and explore the desertal area, or can visit Rohtang Pass.

The distance is not much, it is somewhere about 40 km wherein you can do a lot of things like Para Gliding (Manali), Camping at the famous place Beas Kund Pass and a lot more.

Who is not aware about this famous North western part of India, most of the Sikhs consider this place to be their spiritual centre. You can visit to the famous Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, take a nice ride on the tractors of Punjab and a lot more.

The distance that you will cover over here will be of 238 km. Chandigarh, is a well organized and a neat city which is appreciated for its cleanliness, and may be this is one reason why this city is called prestigious in Punjab. You can visit the renowned Rock and Rose gardens out here to be enthralledwith the immense natural beauty.

Here again, the distance that you will be required to cover will be huge, may be somewhere around 288 km. Delhi, again is a renowned city of India and does not really need an introduction. There is lots you can do here, clubbing, shopping, site seeing and a lot more.
You will be required to travel for another 216 km from Delhi in order to reach Agra, Agra like other famous places of India does not need to be introduced at all. One of the seven wonders Taj Mahal is the most desired place out here and is visited by thousands of tourists annually.

From Agra you will need to move around for 238 km and then, you will hit one of the most culture rich city of India, Jaipur. The staggering forts over here is going to take your breath away and will attract you towards them. Apart from the forts you can also visit the beautiful historic temples as well.
This is a really huge distance of around 670 km, which will be required to cover in order to reach one of the famous districts of Gujarat, Ahmadabad. You will be amazed to know that it is the 5th largest city of India and possess a population of around 6.3 million. You can visit to one of the famous water fronts, Sabarmati, or temples like Iskon and Akshardhama, and yes, do not forget to taste the famous Gujarati Thali out here, it is absolutely mouth watering.

Here are other places which you will be hitting upon in order to reach your final destination Kanyakumari.
Ahmedabad to Nashik(475 km)
Nashik to Mumbai (171 km)
Mumbai to Goa (604 km)
Goa to Gokarna (145 km)
Gokarna to Bangalore (487 km)
Bangalore to Wayanad (261 km)
Wayanad to Allepey ( 317 km)
Allepey to Kovalam (161 km)
Kovalam to Kanyakumari (90 km)
Each of these cities hold in scenic attractions and amazing cuisine which you should certainly not miss out before you reach up to Kanyakumari and take a sigh of relief.

17 Oct 2013

Lip Smacking Street Food in India


Are you a food freak, waiting to hit some authentic cookery throughout your visits? Then you mustn't miss the road foods at totally different regions in Republic of India. Those makeshift margin stalls, carts and tiny institutions like dhabas represent some exquisite flavors that Indian cookery is legendary for. Moreover, it's thought-about as a haunt place for family and friends. Although we tend to cannot disregard the hygiene half, these native food joints are quite far-famed in each region of Republic of India.

Chats of Delhi:-

The recent Delhi or Chandni Chowk is that the hub of street food in Delhi. Chaat is the most far-famed food. Dahi Bhalla, Kulfi, Faluda and gol gappas are the opposite far-famed to-die-for specialties of Delhi.
One will realize a full vary of feeding joints low funds restaurants, cream of the crop restaurants and road aspect Dhabas that satisfy your style buds with authentic Delhi cookery. The one exclusive feature but concerning Delhi feeding joints is that town incorporates a few streets and lanes that are whole dedicated to food. A number of the popular road aspect eateries in Delhi, embrace places like Paranthe wali gali; Annapoorna, Ghantewala, Bengali Market, the famous Greater Kailash. Food lovers from all over the world come here vai flights to Delhi to enjoy the delicious foods.

Pavs of city:-

Mumbai, a cooking delight for any soul could be a myriad of cuisines. Equally city incorporates a pleasant form of food. A number of the recipes have originated in city itself like ragda patties, and numerous veg pakoras, and delicious city toast sandwich. Here are a number of places you'll be able to eat to your heart's fill (till your abdomen fills as well!).

Khao Galli:–

The name actually denotes “eat street" in the English language, each side of this lane are full of food stalls. Settled close to Marine Lines and Church gate railway stations (close to Sunderbai Hall), you will largely obtain eater food there.

Juhu Beach:-

There is a cluster of street food stalls right the beach, still as many chat (snack) carts. You’ll be able to eat pav bhaji here, contemporary off the tawa (griddle).

Mohammed Ali Road:-

If you wish non-vegetarian food, this Muslim space in south city is that the place to travel. Sweets are out there. It's significantly spirited in the dead of night throughout Ramadan.
Mumbaikers conjointly realize egg Bhurji and Paneer bhurji which is sold-out at the Maker Chamber space irresistible that is concerning 2 cross roads far from the Nariman purpose.

Seafood of Goa:-

Slow-dried in long, liberal strings beneath the blazing Indian sun, Goa's cooking nod to its Portuguese inheritance seems in its tastiest manifestation within the lunch period chouricos. You will find lots of carts, selling their meaty merchandise throughout the state, several with seductively faith names like "Virgin Jewess Meats" or "Ave Maria Sausages. For the final word lunch rush, they are washed down with a glass or 2 of fiery feni, nap-inducing native liquor distilled from cashew or coconut.

26 Sep 2013

Get Cheap Air Tickets for Travel

Travelling is passion for certain people, and some travel only when they feel that there is an urgency of it. In both the cases, how about you can save a bit on your air fares, sounds great doesn’t it? There are number of ways which can help you get cheap air fares
  1. Planning your trip in advance: Why to wait for that last moment, at that point in time you will always get the tickets with an enormous amount, rather if you’ll plan your trip systematically, you will get immense opportunity to save on the flight tickets. Booking tickets in advance always helps, you can go through the deals online, and take your time with it, select the most appropriate one and then book your tickets accordingly. There is a possibility of getting huge discounts if you book your tickets way in advance, than booking them on the last moment.
  1. E Mail Alerts:
    Always keep yourself signed up for the e mail alerts from different airlines; this will enable you to receive e mails from them wherein they will keep updating you with their regular schemes and deals. So you will get to know which airlines is offering what and accordingly when you feel that a deal is suitable and can match your needs, you can go ahead and book your tickets. This is also a good option when you don’t have a specific destination in your mind, great deals on different destinations can help you head on the most desired one by you.
  1. Best Time to book your tickets:
    You must be aware about the timings of your travel, make sure that you do not opt for the time wherein there is a huge footfall in that particular flight. The best time to book an international flight is to book it way in advance, which is 3 or 4 months before you actually have to travel. The same goes for the domestic flights as well, though at times you might come across a tricker, but it’s always good to be safe and book your tickets in advance. An emergency is a different story altogether, so you can’t expect an advance booking or cheap tickets if you urgently have to leave for somewhere.
  1. Be aware of the low air fare prices:
    There are certain times wherein airlines reduce the price of their air tickets, therefore, it’s always better to go for an evening flight that too either on a Tuesday or Wednesday, that can be the probable time wherein you can expect a bit ease on the air fares.
  1. Be Flexible
    If really have impulses of saving on your air fares, it is better to become flexible on the same, which means that you can opt for the dates wherein you are easily able to get cheap air tickets, instead of being rigid about the same.
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14 Jun 2013

Australia’s Top 5 Adventure Activities

If you are an adventure lover, then Australia is a place which can bring immense delight to you, the best part is, that apart from the astounding places that are encompassed there, it has a mid-climate which help the travelers to enjoy the endless outdoor and adventure and outdoor activities, that too both, on the land as well as on the sea, isn't that fantastic? Myriad tourist visit Australia every year to enjoy the enormous adventure experience, there are lot of activities you can be a part of if you are looking to have great fun in Australia, some of the activities are mentioned below:

1. Skydiving: 
Imagine how incredible you would feel to see yourself alive after jumping from the plane, that too from a great height. The people working at the Skydiving center ensure that prove out themselves to be the best people in the same domain. After all, who does not love his job? So do they and hence they make sure that you are given appropriate guidelines about Skydiving before you even try it. Apart from the safety bit, they will also let you know how to enjoy it to the core so that you have a great time while performing this activity; these people love to see the peace and happiness on your face after you succeed in it.

2. Camping: 
Camping on Cockatoo Island is really incredible; this Island is located in the midst of Sydney Harbour where convicts used to take place. This is not all, as this place has many interesting facts pertaining to its history, seriously, you will be amazed when you get to know about the entire picture of this place. These camps were used in World War-2 in order to repair ships. This place encompasses amazing views of the harbour.

3. Surfing: 
There are different types of surfing which you can try and above all, can be trained on. This is one of the most desirable adventure sport people opt for, as it involves lot of guts as well as includes great fun element. People who like to be a part of this adventure sport loves their surfing experience. If you feel that this is something that interests you, you can surely go for it, but, after being trained on the same, as precaution is always better than cure, hope you would agree on this.

4. Swimming with Dolphins: 
Dolphins are known to be really friendly fish amongst a huge group of fishes, numerous incidents have proved that dolphins are actually human friendly, and part from that, they look simply gorgeous. So, imagine yourself taking a swim with these gorgeous beings, being with them, a part of their world, how incredible would that be. You will be full of glory when you’ll see them jumping in the water, and the most beautiful part will be, you in there with them.

5. Searching For UFO’s:
This is something that people can even die for; it is known to be the best adventurous activity you can be a part of. You will be made to camp at Wycliffe Well, which is known as the UFO Capitol of Australia. People who have been here have interviewed its owner hundreds of times in order to know about his experiences, so to enjoy such congruent experiences you can opt for this adventurous activity.

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6 Jun 2013

The 5 most Remarkable Family Holiday Destinations

Planning a family holiday?? How can you even think of taking your loved to places which has been explored by you or myriad people end number of times? Instead plan something incredible this time and give your family a wonderful retreat by taking them to places that are known as the best in terms of family holidays. After all, it’s their happiness that matters to you, isn't it? Check out some of these coolest places which is certain that it will be liked and remembered by your family forever:

Costa Rica: 

One of the most astounding family destinations in the world is, Costa Rica, which is an inevitable playgrounds for your kids, in fact it is extremely wonderful for people of all ages. Imagine yourself being in lavish rain forests, surrounded by wild animals, soaring volcanoes, all of them with you in your vacations, sounds fun, doesn't it? Ruminate how adventurous it will be for you and your loved ones being at such a place which is enormously captivating. Costa Rica is the most desirable place if you want your kids to get some great information along with enjoying their trip; it is an educational place which will help your kids to get some interesting facts off course with fun. Being a small size, yet attractive and it allows you to enjoy both the forest experience as well as leisure at beaches.

Grand Canyon National Park: 

Want to hear those lovely wows, and ohoos of your family while they are at an incredible vacation, Grand Canyon National Park is the place for you. This park encompass various programs and fun activities for people of all ages, the most popular program out there is Junior Ranger Program which allows the kids to enjoy participating in various programs that support the preserve of National Parks, imagine how informative it would be for your kids, and moreover they will be a part of this great act, which will leave a very strong imprint in their minds about saving mother nature and the beauty of National Parks. Not only this, once they are done with their program they will be awarded with the Junior Ranger Certificate and badge from the official authorities out there, sounds like super fun, what do you think?


Planning a vacation to Italy- are you serious? If yes, then it is the most incredible decision in your life in the domain of family vacation as this place is perfect for a family holiday. This isn't something that everyone is aware about that myriad Italians are really strong headed with their family values and hence, they welcome all the families in their country with full grace and integrity as they would give to their own, isn't that fantastic? You can get enjoy visiting to Tuncan’s Village and obviously the yummylicious pizzas.

Orlando Florida: 

There can be no other magical place for your kids than this and that’s a promise, There is so much of fun activities there that your kids will definitely have a ball.

Beaches Resort- Turks and Caicos: 

These beaches are something you should not miss visiting too, not only for family vacations but even for spending some quality time with your partner. There is so much available here, art water parks, Architecture inspired by French and Caribbean, a place that is a must watch.

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