24 Jan 2013

Beautiful Attractions in Australia

 1. Sydney Opera House:

The incredibly beautiful opera is located on the coast of Point Bennelong and is one of the emblems of Sydney.The building of the Sydney Opera House includes about a dozen rooms of different sizes for different kinds of cultural events - a concert hall with 2500 seats, Drama Theater with 500 seats, as well as several small rooms, one of which is located in the inner open-air courtyard. The roof is composed of structures that are called "shells” and resemble sails. They give a unique look of the building and make it unlike any building in the world. The opera is one of the most famous buildings in the world and is one of the main attractions of Australia. Sydney Opera House is also recognized as one of the most remarkable facilities in modern architecture.

2. The Great Barrier Reef:  

The whole continent of Australia is a land of unique natural wonders, but the Great Barrier Reef is the most famous. The Great Barrier Reef is, by far, the world?s largest coral reef system stretching 2600 kilometers in the aptly named Coral Sea off the coast of Queensland. With an area of over 300,000 square kilometers, the huge reef system can make the sole claim that it is the only visible living structure from outer space. The Reef is truly a natural wonder populated with unusual wildlife like the dugong, Loggerhead sea turtle, and many species of dolphins. The area is a major tourist destination with over 2 million visitors a year ? fueling the debate on the environmental impact of the numerous feet tramping on the fragile coral.

3.Barron Falls:
Barron Falls is located in Australia, where the river Barron passes from Atherton to Cairns in Queensland. The water falls from a height of over two hundred and sixty meters. Barron Falls is often compared to the herd mustangs that run with full force because its waters are really powerful. When there is heavy rainfall, the volume of water that falls from the Barron Falls is really huge. The falls together with the gorgeous park around it are incomparable natural phenomenon that should not be missed. The trip to Barron Falls by air lift is an exciting experience because the view of the rain forest, seen from above, is simply stunning.

4. Harbour Bridge,Sydney:

Harbour Bridge was built in the eight years preceding the date March 19, 1932, when it was officially opened. 1,500 workers were involved in construction activities. In the 485-thousand square feet of the bridge, equivalent of 60 football fields, are placed 52,800 tons of steel. The bridge became famous with firework performances on the occasion of New Year and during the opening ceremonies and closing of the Summer Olympics 2000 in Sydney. It has 8 lanes and 200,000 cars pass them each day. The two railways of Harbour Bridge connect the business center of Sydney to the suburbs of the city. Residents of Sydney call the bridge "coat hanger" because of its odd shape resembling a metal coat hanger and it is certainly a unique place that is worth visiting.

5. ANZAC Bridge:

Long more than 800 meters, ANZAC Bridge is one of the biggest attractions in Australia. This is a cable-stayed bridge, whose concrete columns rise to about 120 meters. The bridge piers, which are two, resemble inverted back to the Latin "V". Indeed, we must add that for a city like Sydney, which is built among the water like Venice and St. Peters burg  bridges are an indispensable element of urban infrastructure. It is really beautiful, especially at dusk and the view that opens from it is stunning.
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