29 Jan 2013

What to do in an emergency in a foreign country?

Lost or Stolen Passport: Although it is always advisable to keep a Xerox copy of all your legal documents done especially while you are travelling overseas, but if unfortunately such a situation arises the first and foremost thing one is supposed to do is to visit the nearest embassy (of the country of your origin) or consulate to ask for help. They will further carry out some formalities to verify your identification and may resolve your issue. It is also necessary to inform the local police in case of theft to make sure that your identity proofs are not used for illegal practices.

Lost money: Thefts of any kind should always be reported to the police immediately. And in case, it is your plastic money (credit/debit cards) which has been stolen, then you must call your bank authorities and immediately report the matter to them. They would cancel your card to prevent its misuse. You can always reissue your credit/debit card again.

Health and Sickness: Travelling without travel insurance is always an insecure situation. Nowadays, travel insurance covers both national and international trips. Apart from that, always read the terms and conditions of the insurance agreement before signing it because certain times due to inability to understand the various terms and ignorance in the matters of insurance can stand hard upon you as you might not be eligible to receive the claim due to substantial reasons.

One more important thing to make sure is to get yourself vaccined before leaving for such places where people are commonly prone to some certain critical diseases.

For instance, it is required by the ‘International Health regulations’ to get yourself vaccine against Yellow Fever before travelling to certain countries in sub-Saharan Africa and tropical South America.

Natural Disasters:

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes are some of the natural disasters which can hit any time. Although coming out of the blue, some disasters are predicted by the weather forecasters. So, always make it a habit to tune into the local news and check out if everything is fine and no such calamity is expected. If in case, any such premonition is given, you should stick to your place and cancel your tour.

As a precautionary measure, one should always beware and cautious of doubtful people.
Local travel guides can often dupe the ignorant tourists and overcharge them.
And strangers giving help unasked for might be a trap.
Never leave your baggage unattended.
Carry your money (paper/plastic) and valuables safely.
Expectant mothers should avoid long distance travel in their later stages of pregnancy.
Better do a thorough research of your planned destination before leaving!

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