1 Nov 2013

An Audacious Road trip from Kashmir to Kanyakumari

Phew…!! This is one trip which you can die for, daring, adventurous, bold, are the words that come up in mind when this trip is ruminated about. Not many people have ever given it a shot, but that does not mean that there was nobody to dared to accomplish it. Yes, there have been people who have been on this fantastic trip and call their experience absolutely unforgettable. Do you want to try it out? Wondering about the directions, don’t worry, here are the details which might help you cover your distance between Kashmir and Kanyakumari.
Duration: You will need to be up and running for 5604 Km, of course you can rest in between, but this is the distance that is desired to be covered.

Your Companions: Well, that is up to you, you can choose to travel with your friends, work colleagues, or even your family, whoever suits you. But, ensure that there is someone with you because this is really a long trip and you never know where a helping hand will be required.
States to be Covered: Any exploratory person would go “ Yoo hoo”, as you will get an opportunity to explore near about or say approximately 11 states on this trip, isn’t that interesting??

This is the commencing state for your trip, so you will be lucky enough for beginning by looking at the most enchanting beauty of this gorgeous place. Houseboats, Mughal and Tulip Garden, Trekking and a lot more is available for you in case you would like to explore it. And yes, do not miss to try out the famous cuisine out here, especially the “kheer and kabaab”.

This will be the most thrilling trip of your life, as you will make your way to Leh from Srinagar via Kargil. This place is close by LOC, hence you will be able to get a feel of army on the entire trip. Do not forget to take the pictures of gorgeous landscapes and other scenic views. You will also get to experience the zero gravity at numerous magnetic hills.

From Leh, you will be required to steer towards Manali, by covering the staggering city Spiti. You can take up an overnight stay here and explore the desertal area, or can visit Rohtang Pass.

The distance is not much, it is somewhere about 40 km wherein you can do a lot of things like Para Gliding (Manali), Camping at the famous place Beas Kund Pass and a lot more.

Who is not aware about this famous North western part of India, most of the Sikhs consider this place to be their spiritual centre. You can visit to the famous Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, take a nice ride on the tractors of Punjab and a lot more.

The distance that you will cover over here will be of 238 km. Chandigarh, is a well organized and a neat city which is appreciated for its cleanliness, and may be this is one reason why this city is called prestigious in Punjab. You can visit the renowned Rock and Rose gardens out here to be enthralledwith the immense natural beauty.

Here again, the distance that you will be required to cover will be huge, may be somewhere around 288 km. Delhi, again is a renowned city of India and does not really need an introduction. There is lots you can do here, clubbing, shopping, site seeing and a lot more.
You will be required to travel for another 216 km from Delhi in order to reach Agra, Agra like other famous places of India does not need to be introduced at all. One of the seven wonders Taj Mahal is the most desired place out here and is visited by thousands of tourists annually.

From Agra you will need to move around for 238 km and then, you will hit one of the most culture rich city of India, Jaipur. The staggering forts over here is going to take your breath away and will attract you towards them. Apart from the forts you can also visit the beautiful historic temples as well.
This is a really huge distance of around 670 km, which will be required to cover in order to reach one of the famous districts of Gujarat, Ahmadabad. You will be amazed to know that it is the 5th largest city of India and possess a population of around 6.3 million. You can visit to one of the famous water fronts, Sabarmati, or temples like Iskon and Akshardhama, and yes, do not forget to taste the famous Gujarati Thali out here, it is absolutely mouth watering.

Here are other places which you will be hitting upon in order to reach your final destination Kanyakumari.
Ahmedabad to Nashik(475 km)
Nashik to Mumbai (171 km)
Mumbai to Goa (604 km)
Goa to Gokarna (145 km)
Gokarna to Bangalore (487 km)
Bangalore to Wayanad (261 km)
Wayanad to Allepey ( 317 km)
Allepey to Kovalam (161 km)
Kovalam to Kanyakumari (90 km)
Each of these cities hold in scenic attractions and amazing cuisine which you should certainly not miss out before you reach up to Kanyakumari and take a sigh of relief.


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