2 Jun 2014

Interesting historical sites of Delhi to visit

Delhi is a very glorious city of India with the great historical background. The city fascinates tourists from all over the world due to its great past. Travellers usually book their flights to Delhi to explore its reminiscing history. Since ancient times, Delhi has been serving as the capital city of India. Delhi's history is very old when it was well known as Indraprastha. The first core of Delhi’s seven cities, Lal Kot was constructed by Tomar Rajputs. It has been the major centre of India’s political, economic and cultural activities.
It is often believed that the history of India is the history of Delhi. Today, Delhi is among one of the fastest emerging cities of India. The rich capital city of India has always occupied a strategic place in the country's glorious past, as Hindu and Islamic rulers have administrated this place for a very long time. Every monument has a fascinating past. There are so many monuments in Delhi to see, a few of them are mentioned below:
Red Fort
The Red Fort was built by the Mughal emperor Shahjahan in the 17th century with an aim of focussing the Mughal power in one monument. Laid out by the banks of the Yamuna River, Red fort has an edge of over 2.2 kilometres. Red fort is more like a mini-city than a monument. Unluckily before Shahjahan could shift his capital from Agra to Shahjahanabad in Delhi, he was imprisoned by his son Aurangzeb. The fort is more beautiful than one's imagination. Inside the fort is Naqqar Khana (Drum room) which is also acknowledged as Naubat Khana (Welcome Room), where drums used to be played loudly to announce the arrival of the emperor. On the other side, Diwan-e-Am (Hall of Public Audience) used to be the place where the people used to gather for meetings and prayers. There is a lot more to see here including - Mumtaz Mahal, the Hammam (bathing area), Khas Mahal (Emperor's Palace), Diwan-e Khas (Hall of Private Audience), Rang Mahal (Palace of Colours) and Shah Burj. The fort has basically two main entrances - Delhi Gate and Lahore Gate.

Humayun’s Tomb
Inspired by the Indo-architectural style, Humayun's Tomb is perhaps the most advanced and experimental monument of its era. The tomb was built by Humayun’s widow Hamida Bhanu Begum (also known by the name of Haji Begum) in 1565-66. According to the sources, she is believed to have spent over 15 lakh rupees on it. The tomb is a typical Persian design with a square shaped building cut off at its bends to create it octagonally. Another most interesting fact is tomb’s double dome. The tomb consists of two domes, one below the other. It is one of the most creative ideas of its time. The tomb is open for all the visitors on seven days basis.

Qutab Minar
The Qutab Minar is the highest stone tower in India. It was built in 1192 by the viceroy of Mohammed Ghori, Qutbuddin Aibak to rejoice Ghori's triumph over the Rajputs. The invention of the tower and the victory are very noteworthy as both marked the emergence of a new dynasty called Slave Dynasty. It, later on, laid the foundations of the Delhi Sultanate. The Qutab Minar is about 72.5 meters high and is a five-storey building. The first level of the Qutab Minar was completed in the lifetime of Qutabuddin. Iltutmish, son-in-law, and successor of Qutabuddin made the minaret high by adding the next three storeys. Inside the complex, there is the famous Iron Pillar which has been standing for ages without rusting.  Due to numerous suicidal cases, the entry to the Minar has been banned by the authorities. Undoubtedly, this is the most visited heritage sites in Delhi.

India Gate
This earnest memorial was made in remembrance of those 90,000 Indian fighters who sacrificed their lives in World War I. India Gate was built in 1931 and designed by Lutyens. It was originally named as the All India War Memorial. There are the names of the soldiers engraved on the walls of the semicircle of the gate. Later, an everlasting flame was ignited here in commemoration of the unknown soldiers who passed away in the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war. The place is an ultimate site of a picnic for zillions of visitors.

Tughlaqabad Fort
The outstanding fort of Tughlaqabad was established by Ghiyasuddin Tuglaq. It took almost four years to complete this fort. It was constructed to safeguard the city against the attacks of the Mongols from Central Asia. It was so solid that it has withstood the aftereffects of time and still stands today, all along the 6.5 km boundary. Just at the right side of the main entrance are the wrecks of Vijay Mandal (Tower of Victory). On the west side of the fort, there is a 15.5-metre deep water reservoir named as Jahannum ka Rasta or the Way to Hell. Even the monkeys living the fort maintain distance from the water tank. Traditional stories say that after arguments with a Sufi saint, Nizamuddin Auliya cursed Ghiyasuddin that Tughlaqabad would never flourish. The curse soon prospered with Ghiyasuddin's apparent murder the city also witnessed a tragic end after Ghiyasuddin's death.
Learning about these interesting historical facts is a real adventure. Come down to Delhi to experience the incredible past.
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26 May 2014

Fight Your Fears

Fear is one of the most difficult types of emotion to tackle. There are many important facts associated with fears that we should always remember. One of the most imperative facts is that fear is not a normal reaction to whatever challenges gaze at us in life. It is all in our mind and is not detached from us.
Basically, the aim of fear is to defend us from life threatening situations. For instance, we run away as far as possible if a wild animal come in front of us or we become alert while handling live electronic equipment and wires.

Often in our lives, sometimes situations arrive demanding a drastic change in our lifestyle. In such a case, we need a fresh change to get far away from the earlier life incidences then determining it is the right time, for finding a more fruitful life. Feeling positive and negative is a part of our life that lasts for a longer period of time.

Numerous people feel tempted towards these kinds of changes when they realize that the next change will help them to achieve a better tomorrow. On the other hand, there are many who feel their lives are incomplete without that subsequent unidentified rewarding journey.

Fear obstructs us in circumstances where there is no direct risk to life, but we might observe a risk to our life the moment we recognize it. Fear of failure or disappointment is one of the worst feelings that can restrict your potential in life. Fear of social disapproval makes one feel isolated.
Here are a few tried and experienced tips on how to fight your fears:

Feel the Fear and Do it in any case – The best way to combat any fear is to apply an optimistic approach contrary to whatever fears you. Is fear of failure preventing you from taking a step further? Go ahead and fight it off! Courage is all about overcoming your fear. So, go and win the battle of fear.

Teach Yourself – Learn every minute detail about the object that is making you afraid. You want to leave your old, boring 9 to 5 job and head forward to start your own business, but are fear of the risks making you weak? Then the greatest method to lessen down your fears is to intentionally learn about the business properly. Groundwork of advance level helps in increasing the confidence and calm down your fears.

Motivation - Use self-motivation quotes that give you an optimistic twist to your fear and worries. Pen down these self-motivation quotes on a stick-note and fix it from where it is easily visible. For example: you are afraid of people’s derogatory remarks, then one potential self-motivation appraisal could be – ‘I am the best. I must be best for others too.’

Visualization – The most powerful and efficient technique to overcome your fears is positive visualization. It helps you in projecting the positive image of you in front of everyone like, if you are scared of your boss, envision that your boss is smiling at you, praising you, and congratulating you for your best efforts. Always keep this picture in your mind and see the change.

What could be the worst case situation? – ask this question to yourself consistently, you will realize that how silly your fear is. For instance, if you are scared to ask someone out for a date, what’s the worst that could take place? The other person can only say no to you, nothing more than that. It’s not a big deal, right? Always remember that by the end of the day you have nothing to lose.
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26 Mar 2014

Indian Restaurants in Australia

Facing difficulty in finding out the Indian restaurants in Australia? Don’t worry because you have clicked on to the right page. There are many Indian restaurants in Australia offering great and genuine taste of Indian spices. No doubt, the effervescent and intense cooking style of Indians is highly appreciated by people across the world. There are so many Indian food lovers residing in different parts of the countries and Australia is one of them. You can easily find out the increasing Indian food fan base in Australia. All thanks to the presence of Indian restaurants in the country like Australia where you can enjoy traditional vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. Today, we are going to discuss about some of the great Indian restaurants offering delicious Indian food to the people living in Australia. Let’s read this article further:

Pickled Evenings
Located on the George Street in Launceston, Pickled Evenings offers the best of contemporary Indian Cuisine in an easy approachable and comfortable atmosphere. Pickled Evenings is a one-stop point to experience the mouth-watering Indian cuisine in a modern way along with taste of different cultural spices. Here, you can find various special offers to make your day even more than special.
Open from Tuesday to Sunday between 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Metro Indian Restaurant

You can access Metro Indian Restaurant in Subiaco, Western Australia. The place is one of the ideal destinations to satisfy your taste buds. The delicious rich quality Indian food supplied by this restaurant is very famous in Western Australia. The friendly professional staff will guarantee you the finest dining experience in the heart of Subiaco's night life. There are many ways of enjoying the meal of this restaurant. You can go directly for dining, choose to have beverages or take away the food items to enjoy it at your home.
Lunch: Monday to Friday from 11:30am – 2:30pm
Dinner: 7 Nights from 5:00pm till late hours

Zaaffran is among Sydney's best Indian restaurants. It's located near Sydney CBD, on the waterfront at Darling Harbour.
Zaaffran is very popular for serving genuine Indian food to the people in a radiantly presented manner surrounded by spectacular waterfront and city skyline views. The most amazing thing about this restaurant is that Chef cum Partner Vikrant Kapoor conjures up advanced delights and lifts Indian cuisine to a fine dining level.
Zaaffran is one of the most recommended restaurants by food buffs. It is ideal for venue for a romantic dinner date, business lunches/ dinners, family dinner to celebrate occasions like anniversaries, reunion parties, marriage functions, birthday parties etc.
Lunch 7 days from 12pm - 2.30pm*
Dinner from Sun - Thu between 6.00pm - 9.30pm*
Fri & Sat between 6.00pm - 10.15pm*

India-House on High
The finest access point to Indian Cuisines in Melbourne, India House is one of the most popular destinations to treat your loved ones warmly. It was established in 1984 and is amongst the founders of genuine North Indian cuisine in Melbourne. It is a reputed household name since inception. You can sit back, relax, and get yourself treated with a pleasant Indian meal, which is difficult to find nowadays even in India.
Open 7 nights
For Take Away: 5:00 pm onwards till late
Diner at restaurant: Accessible 7 nights from 6:00 pm onwards

Two Fat Indians
Two Fat Indians follows traditional cooking styles to prepare the premium quality northern Indian cuisine you have ever tasted. The restaurant is ideal for family lunch and dinner as the food is prepared by using convenient gas tandoor and old-style charcoal ovens to ensure high quality taste to the food buffs. The reason behind using these traditional methods is bringing an exclusive smoky flavour in food that cannot be achieved by using gas tandoors. Hence, do not forget to drop in here with family and friends to enjoy great Indian dinner.  
Open 7 nights
Sunday to Thursday between 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm
Friday to Saturday between 5.30 pm to 10 pm

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Why Thai food is so popular

If you have not tasted the Thai food yet, it is the right time to do so. The food will not only satisfy your taste buds but also considered to be one of the healthiest foods. Every person who loves Thai food has his own special reason for admiring it. Ask any of the Thai food lovers about his experience. Every time you will receive the different answer from different Thai food lovers. There are many explanations or reasons behind the high recognition of Thai food. You should go and try Thai food to know why it is so popular. The three most noticeable and significant reasons of its popularity are:

Great variety in one cuisine
Every ardent Thai food lover knows that it is one of the most dissimilar cuisines of the world. You will never get tired of eating Thai food as you can try a multiple dishes that differ from each other a lot. Looking at the history of Thailand, it has been occupied by various different cultures offering varieties to the people. Every culture has its own taste and flavour. Different cultures people can try on Thai food due to its diverse taste and dishes. They have acquired the art of merging flavours and tastes in innovative ways. Plan a vacation or trip to Thailand and discover various parts of the country, you will be amazed to see that at every part has mastered the cooking of a special type of Thai cuisine.

The cooking style of every part of Thailand varies from one another. The Thai people have a strong fascination towards rice and veggies. Despite of using the similar ingredients, the multiplicity of spices and cooking expertise make their food so attractive and full of diversity. To know about the various types of Thai dishes, you must go and taste the different recipes of different regions. To introduce the genuine Thai flavours in your home-cooked Thai dishes, you must taste Thai foods at reputed Thai restaurants. The more you taste, the more you will get to know about the Thai culture and its dishes. If you want to enjoy these mouthwatering foods, get onto your flight to Thialand from Mann Travel official site.

Delicious food
The Thai people know the art of combining flavours in fresh and amazingly delightful ways. The only reason behind the people’s love for Thai food is surely the different zests of the food. Spices and veggies are combined together to make every dish taste unusually. They also make great use of fruits to take out some exclusive flavours in the dishes. You will surely like the exotic Thai desserts, appetizers and the main course food.

Good for health

Now-a-days, people have become quite health conscious. Weight is not the only concern these days. There are other health factors too. Whenever you eat outside your home, you are bothered about gaining a lot of weight and have to cut down your intake of calories. You can forget all your worries with the Thai food as it is too tasty to eat and very light to digest. There are many dishes in Thai cuisine which are tasty to eat but the ones comprising of white meat like chicken and fish is mind blowing in taste. In Thai dishes you will not find beef or other sort of red meat. So, there is no point of consuming the unhealthy dishes. You can simply avoid the unhealthy food and chose fresh herb flavoured healthy Thai food. Sydney is a home to some of the best restaurants serving the genuine Thai cuisine. We are sure you will find the lip smacking food in every restaurant offering Thai food. 

25 Mar 2014

Five Fun Places in Delhi for Kids

Delhi, the Capital city of India, is a hub of entertainment for the people of all ages. It is a city where fun never ceases. Look for cheap flights to Delhi and land to the national capital for a memorable vacation. While planning a holiday trip, the main concern of the parents is always about the entertainment of their kids. If the kids are not preoccupied, there is no way you can enjoy your holiday. While travelling to Delhi with your kids, you must leave such worries behind. Delhi is one of those cities which your kid will love to visit. There is a wide range of entertainment this city offers to its young guests. History, adventure, fun, games, whatever is the area of interest of your child, be assured that Delhi will surely satiate the hunger for entertainment.
So book a ticket on flights to Delhi and come here with your family for non- stop fun.

Some of the best places to take your child in and around Delhi are:

Children’s Park at India Gate
Famous land mark and a war memorial in Delhi, India Gate needs no introduction. Situated very close to the India Gate is the Children’s park. It is a complete entertainment package for children. This favourite fun spot of children has many swings of different varieties. It has a beautiful garden which is well maintained. Different species of flowers bloom in this garden and it is always a delight to have a look at these flowers and know more about them. Besides the swings, there are other activities like Rope bridge, fountain, aquarium, Children’s’ library which grabs the attention of a child. After your child gets the full dose of entertainment in this park you can give him/her a bonus by buying him/her a balloon or popcorn which is available outside the park.

National Zoological Park
Popularly known as Delhi Zoo, NationalZoological Park is one of the most famous destinations among children. Its huge beautiful area not only amazes the children but even the grownups cannot escape its charisma. It has a rich collection of animals like Chimpanzee, Hippopotamus, Spider monkey, African Wild Buffalo, the Gir Lion and Zebras along with many water animals and reptiles. Its separate section of birds has birds from all over the world. You can even enjoy watching migratory birds in the water bodies created in the zoo, if visiting during the season. It is good place to enhance the knowledge regarding trees and plants. There are around 200 varieties of trees in the zoo and all are properly labelled with their common and scientific names. There are open carts that can be hired to move inside the zoo. Edible items are not allowed inside the zoo but there is a cafeteria to munch on the snacks. Water is available inside but it is suggested to carry you own water bottles.

National Science Center
National Science Center is a great place to get your kid involved in some interesting scientific activities. Children can enjoy working science exhibition here and can visit various sections like Heritage & Dinosaur gallery, Human Biology gallery, Fun Science Library etc. which are liked by the kids as well as their parents. This museum explains many laws of physics in a very easy way with practical demonstrations. The museum also has the first fun-packed multimedia centre in the country known as Cyberkool. Here your child can spend a whole day by learning new facts while playing.

Kingdom of Dreams (KOD)
In close vicinity to Delhi is situated a unique entertainment place known as Kingdom of Dreams. It is in Gurgaon and it is an opportunity to experience the perfect blend of India's art, culture, heritage, crafts, cuisine and performing arts along with technological advancements.
Not only your children will have a memorable experience here but you too would appreciate your decision to visit this place. Its different sections make the trip to Kingdom of Dreams even more exciting. Nautanki Mahal gives an extravagant cinematic and theatrical musical experience. Culture Gully holds an exhibition of handicrafts of India and is famous for the delicious food served in its food court. iifa Buzz is a café based on the glamorous Bollywood theme. The beautiful architecture of the building impresses all its visitors and you can never have enough of it when visiting for the first time.

Worlds of Wonder
It is the best amusement park situated in NOIDA which is again very close to the national capital. It has variety of rides matching the international level which makes it the most sought after amusement parks in Delhi and NCR. Keeping the age and fragility of the children in mind, there are many rides which are completely dedicated to the children. There are various indoor and outdoor activities for those who are not willing to take on the adventurous rides.
There is also a water park here which has world class water rides. The absence of a beach in Delhi and NCR has been well compensated by the Wave Pool in this amusement park. Come here with your kid and indulge in some adventure for fun.

Besides these top rated entertainment destinations, Delhi offers many more options like Nehru Planetarium, Rail Museum, Doll Museum, Gandhi Museum etc. where you can take your kid and you too can enjoy with him. Start looking for Flights to Delhi now. Ask Mann Travel for offers and discounts on the tickets or you can log on to our website manntravel.com.au to get more information on the best offers.

24 Mar 2014

Night Market in Pattaya

After Bangkok, Pattaya is perhaps Thailand's popular place for shopping buffs. Book your flights to Thailand to experience best shopping. Pattaya has numerous markets selling all kinds of stuffs such as apparels, second-hand mobile phones, footwear, fruits, fresh food items, etc. Many markets have shops in the open air while, some are open on specific days. These markets can be much clogged. Of them, Pattaya’s night market is the best. This market is also named as Thepprasit Market. It is accessible during the night time. There is a wide range of items for travellers to select and buy. This night market appears to be the largest night market at Pattaya. It is also popular because of the availability of cheap products in the market. That is the reason why so many people across the world come and visit this Pattaya night market.
Thepprasit Night Market has been set up by Muang Pattana Co. Ltd in the year 1999. The aim of establishing this market is to develop the nucleus of product obtainable in Eastern Thailand. There is also an added advantage linked with the establishment of this market. Its purpose is to meet the hopes of the visitor by proposing food cuisine of as many as four regions of Thailand at one place.

The most common types of products available at Thepprasit Night Market are ultra-stylish clothes, well-crafted handbags, high-end designer watch collection (branded and fake both), cool sneakers, home-decor items, and many more. The alternative options available here are IT and Pet Sections.  IT Section features fresh and second hand cell phones, mp3 players, and other electronic gadgets, whereas in Pet Section you can find diverse breeds of dogs, cats, rabbits, fishes and several more. You can even stop there to experience an outdoor Thai massage.

The unlimited shopping range can be very perplexing for the inexperienced or those who are coming here for the first time. So, it is better to surf the internet before to enjoy shopping at Thailand’s night markets. Remember that retailers are very keen to sell their products to those who buy in bulk. Make sure you buy things in bulk along with your friends. This will save your money for sure.

A large food court is another most thrilling option available in Pattaya as a wide range of delightful dishes, desserts, and fruits are offered to support a crowd visiting there. Apart from a variety of products available, this night market sporadically organizes activity to enjoy visitors, like Thai Traditional Music Contest and different kinds of musical and dance concerts. You can easily find a wide-range of products and shows at one stop place that is in this Thepprasit Market.

The market is organized only for 3 nights: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 05.00 pm to 11.00 pm in Jomtien. However, the peak time is from 07.00 pm to 09.00 pm and although the closing time of market is at 11.00 pm, shop keepers start packing at 10.00 pm.

Numerous cute attractive Thai girls roam in the grounds looking to steal good deals on falongs / Farangs. There is even a beer bar where you can happily sit and watch the action. It is a must see place if you are coming here for the first time.   
The Thepprasit Night Market is situated at Thepprasit Road, where it is just 300 meters far from Sukhumvit Road. Travellers can also see outlet mall and South Pattaya Tesco Lotus on the Sukhumvit Road as they are very close to the market. Visitors can reach there by a Song Thaew or a motorcycle taxi. The outlet Mall features original branded clothes at discount prices.

Always remember that there is usually no money-back warrantee system if you are shopping in an open market. However, department stores might follow this system. So, think two times before you make your final purchases. Unrealistically cheap products can make you a fool. Also, in Pattaya, many shops and stores do not accept credit cards. Hence, keep some cash along with you not only to save your money but also to avoid frauds related to credit cards, which is very common in Thailand.

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10 Jan 2014

India, the Most Desired Tourism Country

India, a land of various attributes, and therefore the better part is that every of 1 of them plays an important role in its culture, its beauty and ton of alternative things. Republic of India is legendary for heaps however here square measure few of the foremost appreciated facts regarding this astounding country.
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Explore North East of Republic of India and its most enchanting destinations:North-East India lie deep within the lap of east range hills in north-eastern a part of India. Connected to remainder of Republic of India by just twenty kilometer of wide land (at Siliguri, West Bengal), the North-East Republic of India shares over 2000 kilometer of border with Bhutan, China, Asian country and People's Republic of Bangladesh.  

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The North-East Republic of India is home to varied variety of social group teams (almost 166). Every tribe has their own distinct culture, which provides them a singular cultural identity. Several of art forms and festivals of the region are intrinsic a part of its wealthy culture and tradition. Several of festivals like Bihu, Nongkrem and Durga along with Karchi Puja are a number of the foremost necessary festivals, that are mirror to wealthy socio-cultural lifetime of North-East Republic of India.

Dance forms like Garia, Bizu, Hai Hak and Manipuri square measure essential a part of cultural and spiritual celebration of North-eastern tribes. Performed in teams, music and dance kinds of North-east square measure fine feast for travelers to observe.

South India Sight Seeing Places
South Republic of India very contains a distinct culture that sets it except for the remainder of the country. Not solely that, every state in south Republic of India has managed to retain its own distinct identity. Tortuous temple design, historical ruins, palm fringed canals, hills, and beach can offer you with a varied and attention-grabbing trip to south Republic of India. Do not miss these 5 should see south Republic of India holidaymaker places.

Kerala Backwaters: 
One of the foremost tranquil and reposeful stuff you will kill Kerala is take a visit in a very barge on the palm-fringed Kerala canals, called the backwaters.

Fort Kochi is well famous as the "Gateway to Kerala", Kochi is an enthralling city that is had connect degree eclectic influence. 

The setting of Varkala beach in Kerala is putting enough to require your breath away, with an extended winding stretch of geological formation and views that stretch over the Arabian Sea.