26 May 2014

Fight Your Fears

Fear is one of the most difficult types of emotion to tackle. There are many important facts associated with fears that we should always remember. One of the most imperative facts is that fear is not a normal reaction to whatever challenges gaze at us in life. It is all in our mind and is not detached from us.
Basically, the aim of fear is to defend us from life threatening situations. For instance, we run away as far as possible if a wild animal come in front of us or we become alert while handling live electronic equipment and wires.

Often in our lives, sometimes situations arrive demanding a drastic change in our lifestyle. In such a case, we need a fresh change to get far away from the earlier life incidences then determining it is the right time, for finding a more fruitful life. Feeling positive and negative is a part of our life that lasts for a longer period of time.

Numerous people feel tempted towards these kinds of changes when they realize that the next change will help them to achieve a better tomorrow. On the other hand, there are many who feel their lives are incomplete without that subsequent unidentified rewarding journey.

Fear obstructs us in circumstances where there is no direct risk to life, but we might observe a risk to our life the moment we recognize it. Fear of failure or disappointment is one of the worst feelings that can restrict your potential in life. Fear of social disapproval makes one feel isolated.
Here are a few tried and experienced tips on how to fight your fears:

Feel the Fear and Do it in any case – The best way to combat any fear is to apply an optimistic approach contrary to whatever fears you. Is fear of failure preventing you from taking a step further? Go ahead and fight it off! Courage is all about overcoming your fear. So, go and win the battle of fear.

Teach Yourself – Learn every minute detail about the object that is making you afraid. You want to leave your old, boring 9 to 5 job and head forward to start your own business, but are fear of the risks making you weak? Then the greatest method to lessen down your fears is to intentionally learn about the business properly. Groundwork of advance level helps in increasing the confidence and calm down your fears.

Motivation - Use self-motivation quotes that give you an optimistic twist to your fear and worries. Pen down these self-motivation quotes on a stick-note and fix it from where it is easily visible. For example: you are afraid of people’s derogatory remarks, then one potential self-motivation appraisal could be – ‘I am the best. I must be best for others too.’

Visualization – The most powerful and efficient technique to overcome your fears is positive visualization. It helps you in projecting the positive image of you in front of everyone like, if you are scared of your boss, envision that your boss is smiling at you, praising you, and congratulating you for your best efforts. Always keep this picture in your mind and see the change.

What could be the worst case situation? – ask this question to yourself consistently, you will realize that how silly your fear is. For instance, if you are scared to ask someone out for a date, what’s the worst that could take place? The other person can only say no to you, nothing more than that. It’s not a big deal, right? Always remember that by the end of the day you have nothing to lose.
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