17 Apr 2013

Visit the hobbit land-The Hobbiton

If you were a fan of the ‘Lord of the rings’ and the ‘Hobbit’ series, you sure would have a fancy for these little people.

You must have travelled through the diameter of the Earth, but what you could miss upon is this ‘Middle Earth.’
This hobbit-land situated near Matamata in the north island of New Zealand comes up alive with fully constructed forty-four hobbit holes, gardens, The Mill, the double-arched stone bridge, the party tree and the very famous community center-The Green Dragon.

Formerly, built for the purpose of shooting (both Lord of the rings and the Hobbit series) in the year 1999, by the endeavor of director Stephen Jackson, it has metamorphosed into a tourist spot over the decade.

This little hamlet is not just limited to its doors and windows, but when you open them, you enter into the real world of Hobbits. Unlike the movies, where the indoor shooting took place in the film studios in Wellington, instead of these hobbit holes, Hobbiton is redesigned completely inside as well outside (except for the hobbit holes) just the way it appeared on-screen.

The two-hour guided tour will take you to ‘The Green Dragon’, where you can have complimentary refreshment. You can also treat yourself with a variety of food delights served in this inn.

Or if you still prefer the normal present day setting, then you can make yourself comfortable in ‘The Shires Rest’. It has even more elaborate menu and can offer services for hosting private events like weddings, conferences, Christmas functions etc.

Hobbiton has a store where you can buy yourself postcards, souvenirs, exclusive fabrics from Stansborough Fibres, woolen gloves, scarves and clothing. You could even catch up a “Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook” signed by the author.
The ‘party tree’ frequented in the movie series is also erected in this very farmland.

This family farm of the Alexanders is still being used as a sheep and beef farm. Therefore, while touring the farm, you may have a chance of bottle-feeding the lambs.

Pass along the village bridge round the Mill and inhale the peaceful country aroma. Glide through the lush green rolling hills.

                                            And slip into the world of fantasy!
                                                     “It feels like heaven.”

If you feel mesmerized by this hobbit land and would like to go an adventure, we will be more than happy to assist you.

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