23 Jan 2013

Top 5 Holiday Destinations in America

Las Vegas, (Nevada): While touring America, Las Vegas, the ‘Sin City’, should be put on your priority list. It is a captivating platter of nightclubs, casinos and anything that comes under the heading of indulgence. One of the must-see attractions in Las Vegas would be ‘The Stratosphere’. Apart from being a casino and a hotel, it’s famous for its spine-chilling rides - Big Shot, Sky Jump, X-Scream, and Insanity-the Ride.

Yellowstone National Park ,(Wyoming): 11,000 years ago, it was inhabited by the Native Americans. Now it is thronged by thousands and thousands of tourists per day all around from inside and outside America. It is also a home to the third largest hot spring in the world i.e. Grand Prismatic Spring and the Upper Geyser Basin with its imposing ‘Old Faithful’ geyser. Spread over an area of 3468.4 square miles, the park is a wide array of crowning cliffs, sprouting hot water springs, thriving Lodge pole Pines, and pristine lakes. It is a desirable place to trek and camp.

Chicago,(Illinois): The ‘Windy City’ of United States is often popular for its ‘Deep Dish Pizza’ and Chicago style -‘Vienna Beef Dog’. The third most populous city of United States has a large number of parks (552), Lincoln Park, Millennium Park and the Grant Park being the tourist’s favorite. The Navy pier (3,300 ft.) on the banks of Lake Michigan is a must-see.

Disneyland: If travelling with kids, you should not even think twice before hitting upon the journey to this fantasy world. The magnificent Cinderella’s castle piercing up in the air with its long royal blue spires, the moment when the whole castle is illuminated with the expansive fireworks make it all worth it.
You also get a “bibbidi bobbidi boutique” inside, providing a princess makeover!
Other attractions are:
Haunted Mansion
Alice in Wonderland
Disney’s Aladdin
Jungle Cruise
Pirate’s lair on Tom Sawyer Island
And many more!

New York City ,(New York) : The “Fashion Capital of United States” is a huge bustling city and is a ‘tourist hotspot’. The fashion conscious are surely going to be delighted at the sight of swanky high-end designer showrooms at the Madison Avenue. You can also get cheap flights to New York at Mann Travel official website.

With the people swarming the Times Square providing a contrasting image to the usual tranquil Central Park, NYC is quite a place to visit!

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